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Mutts-N-More Adoption
Policies & Procedures

Step #1
The Adoption Application

The adoption process begins
with the Adoption Application.
Anyone wishing to adopt from
must first fill out our
Adoption Application Form.

The Application form must be filled out COMPLETELY!!

Incomplete applications CAN NOT be processed and will delay your request for adoption. Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed and veterinarian as
well as personal references will be checked.

Step #2
Phone Interview

Once your application has been reviewed and
references have been checked, you will be contacted
by phone to discuss the animal you wish to adopt as
well as the adoption fee for that animal.

Step #3
Meeting The Animal

Following the home visit, arrangements will be made
for you to meet with the animal you wish to adopt.
This meeting may take place at your home or at the
home where the animal is being fostered. If you have
other animals in your home we strongly recommend
this meeting take place in your home to be sure all
animals are compatible.

Step #4
The Home Visit

Following the phone interview,
we will schedule a home visit.

A home visit is required to ensure that a proper and safe environment will be provided for the animal you wish to adopt. We ask that all members of the household be at
home at the time of this visit.

Step #5
Finalizing The Adoption

Once the adoption has been approved we will contact you again to finalize the adoption. At this time you will be asked to review and sign the Adoption Agreement Contract and settle the adoption fee.

We will then schedule a time to bring the animal to you.

***Note To Adopters in***
***CT, DE, MD, NY***

Since our organization is based in New Jersey,
adoption fees for out of state adoptions must
be paid in advance (prior to transport arrangement).
All are fees non-refundable.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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