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Adoption Application Form

Before you fill out this form, please be sure
you have read and understand the

Mutts N More Rescue Adoption Policy.

Please Fill out All Sections of
this Application Form COMPLETELY.

Applicant's Full Name:

Applicant's Complete Home Address:


Applicant's Home Phone Number:

Best Time to Call:

Applicant's Email Address:

Name of Applicant's Veterinarian:
**If you do not currently have a pet/veterinarian**
**then list the name of any vets previously used**

Veterinarian's Address:

Veterinarian's Phone Number:

1. Is there a pet on our web site that you are interested in? 
     If so, please specify:

2. Why do you want to bring a new pet into your home?

3. Is everyone in your household in agreement on adopting a pet?   

4. Do you have any pet(s) currently?   

**If you answered Yes to Question 4**
** Then please answer questions 4A and 4B**

4A. List type, breed, age, & sex.

4B. Are you sure your current pet will accept a new pet in the house?

5. Have you had other pets in the past?   

**If you answered Yes to Question 5**
** Then please answer questions 5A. through 5D**

5A. What type of pet(s) did you have in the past?

5B. How many years did you own the pet(s)?

5C. Reason for no longer owning the pet(s):

5D. If your last pet died what were the circumstances of his/her death?

6. Has any pet of yours ever gotten lost?

6A. If yes, please provide explanation.

7. Has any pet of yours ever been poisoned?

7A. If yes, please provide explanation.

8. Has any pet of yours ever been killed by a vehicle?

8A. If yes, please provide explanation.

9. Would you allow a dog to ride loose in the bed of a truck?

10. Would you leave a pet unattended in the yard?

11. Do you have children at home?

11A. If so, specify number and ages.

12. Do you live in a house, apartment, condominium, or trailer?

13. Do you rent, or own?

If you rent, you MUST have written permission from
your landlord stating that you are allowed to
keep a pet in the apartment.

14. Do you have a yard and is it completely fenced in?

15. If your yard is fenced, what type of fencing
       do you have and how tall is it?

16. Are you familiar with crate training?
       If applying for a dog, do you plan to crate train?

17. What provisions will be made for your pet
          if no one is home during the day?

17A. What provisions will be made for your
          pet when you go on vacation?

18. Specify if you have a gender and breed
       preference for the pet you want to adopt.

19. How long have you been looking for a pet?

20. Do any members of your household fear animals?    

20A. If yes, please specify details.

21. Will you assume all financial responsibilities for the
      pet you adopt,
including inoculations, veterinary care,
      good quality food, licensing, etc.?

22.Are you planning to change residence in the near future?

22A. Please specify details.

23. Is anyone in your home allergic to animals?   

23A. If so, please specify details.

24. Are you familiar with the animal laws and regulations in your area? 

25. Is the pet for which you are applying going to be a gift? 

26. Do you understand that pets you adopt from Mutts-N-More
      must be spayed/neutered? 

27.If Mutts-N-More recommends that you take obedience
      training classes with your pet, will you do so?

Please provide names and phone numbers of two pet-owning references
(neighbors, friends, etc.). Relatives MAY NOT be used as references.


  Reference #1 Name:  

Relationship to Applicant:






Phone Number:


E-Mail Address:


  Reference #2 Name:  

Relationship to Applicant:




Phone Number:


E-Mail Address:


By signing below, I certify that I have read,
understood, agree, and will comply with,
the Mutts-N-More Adoption Policy.

By signing below, I further certify that the information
I have provided on this form is true, correct, and accurate

I understand and agree that falsification
of any of the above information is grounds
to disqualify my adoption application and
nullify all adoption(s) and/or adoption agreements
between the applicant(s) and Mutts-N-More.

Signature:  By typing my name in the field, I am confirming that
                          all information that I have provided is accurate.


© Mutts-N-More, Inc. 2003 All rights reserved.
Reproduction in any form without
express permission is prohibited.